Most Realistic Pumpkin Faces You’ll Ever See

Most Realistic Pumpkin Faces You’ll Ever See

Think you’ve seen enough creative pumpkin carving ideas so far? Get ready to have your mind blown by these incredible pumpkin faces!

All of you fans of comic book heroes have probably ran into Ray Villafane’s work before without knowing it. This 42-year-old New York native artist earns his living by making wax prototypes of action figures for big name companies like DC Comics, so it’s no wonder that he’s so handy with carving stuff.

What started out as mere Halloween fun got serious when Ray was invited to participate in Outrageous Pumpkins, Food Network’s challenge show, where he won the grand prize with ease. This episode got the highest ratings of all the show’s episodes ever and ensured Ray a worldwide recognition. He is now getting invitations from all over the globe for his VIP (Very Impressive Pumpkins) galleries.

“The fact that pumpkins are temporary art is an added bonus. It’s kind of like that holiday dessert that you only have once a year” says Ray.

Watching the incredible movie characters come to life on pumpkins is really a special holiday treat.

Turning food into art is one thing, but what about making it into something you can wear?

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  1. Darren
    November 1, 2011 @ 2:23 am

    This is awesome… but how do i do something like this myself??

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