Jelly Hand Grenade And Other Harmless Weapons

Jelly Hand Grenade And Other Harmless Weapons

Art is one of the strongest means of promoting ideas and activism, and this young artist made a series of designs that carry a strong anti-violence message.

By making weapons out of completely harmless everyday objects, they are transformed from something symbolizing fear and danger into things that aren’t scary at all and are, in fact, rather cute. A knife with a feather instead of the blade, dynamite made out of popsicles or a hand grenade made of jelly are just some of the things featured in the “Harmless weapons” series.

Kyle Bean is a Brighton based designer that specializes in hand crafted models, set design and art direction. His works have been featured in many publications and solo exhibitions, and this very series was made for an article in CUT magazine. He wanted to emphasize that the nature of any object is neither bad or good, and it depends on the person using it.

Like he said, “Weapons can be used for good or evil. The good or evil is not inherent in the weapon but in the character of the user.” The message he’s sending is pretty strong and well put, proving his amazing designer talent. Take some time to check out Kyle’s portfolio for more original work.

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