Compulsive Hoarders, What are the Unusual Things They Store

Compulsive Hoarders, What are the Unusual Things They Store

Many people collect things as a hobby, but there is a line after which a pastime activity evolves into a dangerous obsession.

Compulsive hoarders are people who excessively gather various objects and have a hard time discarding things they don’t need anymore, from empty bottles to broken appliances.

While most hoarder homes look like indoor junkyards, there are some amazing patterns in what seems like completely irrational behavior. Many hoarders will obsess over one or several items no matter how useless they might be, collecting as many as possible until they fill up every inch of storage space. Here’s some of the weirdest things that can be found in hoarder homes:


Expired food

Smart food storage might save you a lot on groceries, but there isn’t much you can do with 80 cans of beer purchased in 2004 unless you wait a few more decades and sell them to a passionate can collector on eBay.


Old magazines and mail

Back in the snail mail days, letters from loved ones were often kept for sentimental reasons. While that’s perfectly understandable, saving a 2007 Ikea catalogue or expired 20% off detergent coupons is a completely different story. Hoarders are likely to collect any kind of printed material out of the irrational fear that they might need it later.



Adopting a cute little ball of fur is great, but what if you can’t say ‘no’ after 20? Even though pets aren’t things, animal hoarding is one of the most common and most dangerous forms of hoarding because of its numerous health risks. Feeding a large number of pets is a great expense and in most cases animals rescued from pet hoarding homes are malnourished. Their owners fail to spay or neuter them, enabling them to breed which can add up to dozens and sometimes even hundreds of animals living in a too crowded space.

The only thing more bizarre than collecting cats is collecting dead cats. Compulsive hoarders have a distorted sense of reality and fail to recognize when their pets need veterinary help, so often many of the pets die without their owners even noticing. One of the most horrid animal hoarding interventions discovered no less than 58 dead animals. On the bright side, there are people who intentionally keep their dearly departed pets with the help of a local taxidermist. Because nothing makes a house a home like mounted Fido greeting you by the door.

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