Chinese Clones of Famous Sites

Chinese Clones of Famous Sites

Despite the fact that China has a very large population do you bump into a lot of Chinese people on sites like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter? Think about it.

No? Don’t remember to have seen a lot of them there? Well, we have a good explanation on that; they actually have their own versions of those sites!

A Chinese version called “Youku” of the well-known video-sharing website Youtube.

Twitter is called “Fanfou” in China.

The microblogging platform Tumblr is named “Diandian” in China and looks the same as the original one.

They even got Chinese versions for iPhone applications. Here you can see a Chinese Instagram.

China has its own deal-of-the-day site such as Groupon, only that’s it’s called “Meituan”.

This social networking software for mobile devices called Foursquare looks a bit different in China but it’s the same thing.

The very new iPad application Flipboard got it’s own Chinese version “Zaker” shortly after.

The one you’ve been waiting for: The Chinese Facebook. Yes, it exists and is called “Xiaonei”.

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  1. Lisa
    March 9, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

    I knew it!

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