Being “Nobotty” – Pictures of Homeless Robots

Being “Nobotty” – Pictures of Homeless Robots

It’s a hard job being a robot, especially when new technology makes you useless. Here’s a collection of hobo robots who ended up with no roof over their antennas.

Nobotty is a collection of creative photos by a Portland based photographer David Emmite, who imagined a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario where old robots end up homeless just like humans. He photographed chipped and rusty robots smoking cigarettes and drinking booze in the dark alleys you wouldn’t want to get lost in. They’re pretty much like their human versions, spending the days collecting junk and pushing all their possessions in a shopping cart, looking for a place under the bridge to sleep through the night.

Every robot was hand made for the sole purpose of this photo shoot, and they represent the incredibly rapid progress of technology that has no mercy for old things that got overrun by new ones. Just like many other technical devices, old robots are facing the same fate – to get forgotten by everyone and to become a burden to society, the walking garbage of the streets with no practical purpose. It’s a sad reflection on the society as well – quickly dismissing everyone not beneficial to it.

Emmite’s photos are incredible and a real eye candy if we look at the aesthetic side along with the message they’re sending, both colorful and grim at the same time. Seeing these robots struggle in their everyday homeless robot life makes us wish for just one thing – for evil machines not to take over the planet and make this scenario real.

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