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The Fast and the Furious – Final Race Scene – Homemade with Toys

The Fast and the Furious popularized underground racing, drifting, and Paul Walker’s hair. Homemade movies has included this and more in ambitious recreation of the final race. This is what happens when adults play with Matchbox cars, toy trains, and a miniature set that makes... [+]

Funniest Youtube Comments

Funniest Youtube Comments

Most of YouTube comments are annoying, stupid and worthless, but sometimes YouTube users delivers gold. Here are the 11 funniest screenshots we could find. Talking mushroom. Justin Bieber fan fail. The man has a point. Burned. Huge hands. Grumpy cat. Mozart beat. 1 pixel. Polish... [+]

If Logos Told The Truth

How would logos for Facebook, Camel, Carlsberg and Youtube among many others look like if they told the truth about themselves? Swedish designer Viktor Hertz has re-made famous logos into honest logos. The cigarette brand Camel is now Cancer, Facebook is Procrastination, McDonald’s is McDiabetes,... [+]

Chinese Clones of Famous Sites

Despite the fact that China has a very large population do you bump into a lot of Chinese people on sites like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter? Think about it. No? Don’t remember to have seen a lot of them there? Well, we have a good... [+]

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