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Jelly Hand Grenade And Other Harmless Weapons

Art is one of the strongest means of promoting ideas and activism, and this young artist made a series of designs that carry a strong anti-violence message. By making weapons out of completely harmless everyday objects, they are transformed from something symbolizing fear and danger... [+]

Religious Sanctuaries Made Out Of Guns And Ammunition

Bullets, guns and steel are the three things that are combined in this amazing sculpture work. But why would you want to pair up weapon with religion? Artist Al Farrow makes us all speechless, gun enthusiast or not, everybody gets mighty impressed, whether it’s positive... [+]

Creative Installations by Laser Bread

Creativity, originality and amazing-ness combined in one. That is what you’ll get when taking a look at this one artist’s art work that will open your eyes to see things differently. I’m talking about Brock Davis aka Laser Bread from Flickr. He has really done... [+]

Wood Can Turn Into Awesome Sculptures

Wood is pretty much flexible; you can do a lot with it, and that is what Chicago-based artist Michael T. Rea figured out when he started his “wood projects” as you might call them. Michael T. Rea basically makes time machines, space shuttles, instruments, machine... [+]

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