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A Memorable Event: Flying Machines of Red Bull

Thousands of people gathered on the banks of the Russian capital Moscow River to watch 38 teams compete in the city’s Red Bull Flugtag festival. The world’s most famous energy drink Red Bull is behind Flugtag, ( meaning “flying day”). It is a competition in... [+]

Floating Cinema In Exotic Thailand Paradise

Tucked in between large rocks in a dreamy lagoon on Thailand’s Kudu Island, one of the world’s most unusual open-air cinemas floats on the tranquil sea. Probably the closest thing to heaven in the eyes of a movie fan, this magical raft is home to... [+]

Walking On Clouds – An Astounding Salt Flat Illusion

The world’s largest salt flat is one of nature’s most beautiful miracles that can provide you an out-of-this-world experience without making you leave Earth. Located in southwest Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni spreads to incredible 4,086 square miles which makes it the largest phenomenon of this... [+]

Need to Want Less – a Minimalist Concept

How many times in life have we fantasized about getting something and then realized we didn’t need it shortly after getting it? Ah, the joy of consumerism. It’s important to have dreams and a list of wishes to motivate us, but we have to stop... [+]

Lego Dude Surfs On Blue Waves Of Ink

Ink meets water, and Lego Surfer dude is lucky enough to ride it on his surfing board. Definitely an interesting way of expressing high-speed photography. It can take a while to realize that the soft blue thing is ink flowing freely in clear water. Still... [+]

First World Problems

First World Problems

We can only assume and sympathize with problems people have in so called “3rd world countries” but they also make us realize how some of our problems are ridiculous. People from Reddit gather these “problems” into one category named “firstworldproblems”. These “problems” are sarcastic way... [+]

Young And Old On Reflecting Surfaces

If there is one thing we can’t escape it has to be time, and with time we age slowly, but would you like to see how you are going to look like 30 years from now? Toronto-based artist Alex Kisilevich got inspired by the beauty... [+]

This Pool Won't Let You Swim

This Pool Won’t Let You Swim

A pool with fully clothed people standing straight in it, how is it possible? The answer is the odd 12-year-old fake pool with a huge transparent laminated glass at the top filled with water. It is true that weird installations has been represented earlier on... [+]

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