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Twitter Fail Whale In Many Forms

Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again – and several little red birds holding up a giant whale over the ocean. Sounds familiar? It’s the Fail Whale! If you just started Twitter you maybe don’t know what I’m talking about but... [+]

Movie Characters Are All Over Twitter

Flickr user Timo Meyer from Germany has grabbed the opportunity to make Twitter more interesting by following movie character accounts, and connecting their tweets. Stormtrooper, Ben Kenobi, Chief Brody from Jaws, Roy Neary from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Terminator T-800, Travis Bickle from... [+]

Encouraging Quotes For An Entrepreneur

Starting a business is maybe not for everyone, but who said it was easy for those who are born entrepreneurs? However, uplifting quotes can help on the journey to success. That’s very true; inspiring quotes is the perfect tool to help us motivate easier and... [+]

Funny Video Games & Pop Culture Illustrations

Fun twists on pop culture and video games is something that we never get enough of. And what better way to express those twists than with colorful illustrations? Now, we have seen funny illustrations before by Brock Davis aka Laser Bread , but it seems... [+]

Chinese Clones of Famous Sites

Despite the fact that China has a very large population do you bump into a lot of Chinese people on sites like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter? Think about it. No? Don’t remember to have seen a lot of them there? Well, we have a good... [+]

Awesome Cardboard Gundam

Awesome Cardboard Gundam

Gundam anime is so popular in Japan that it ended the popularity of the toy line Microman that was huge over there. This Japanese “Gundam mania” easily gave somebody inspiration to create a Gundam mobile suit out of cardboard. It soon became viral on web... [+]

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