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Custom Converse Street Fighter Shoes

Have you ever thought that your favorite stuff needs a unique look? One artist brings your favorite movies and video games to „life“. Video game & art lover Maya Pixelskaya from Spain combined her passions in order to create unique products, that have touched the... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #1

From this week every Sunday you will find 20 best photos of the week that Awesomenator has collected for you. As you can always expect from us, we will only post awesome stuff! Guys, send us your photos or illustrations, or submit your whole story... [+]

Creative Colorful Installations As Street Art

A lonely gray road, an empty street, a concrete wall and dirty manhole covers can all be so much more fun when decorated with colorful art. That was exactly on the French street artist OakoAk’s mind when he started this street art project. He places... [+]

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