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Street Artist Redecorates Grimy Urban Landscapes

The streets of French city Saint-Étienne weren’t exactly much to look at as this industrial coal mining town is still poor and affected by the economic crisis. Then a young man’s vision made the grim cityscape a bit more cheerful. Clever and mysterious street artist... [+]

How Algebra Can Be Fun When Used In Street Art

Urban art with a dash of geekery is almost always the formula for success, as street artist Aakash Nihalani proves once again with his new project. You might know about his previous work, Tape Art, where Nihalani used just some neon tape to create amazing... [+]

Mini Graffiti Around London

Mini Graffiti Around London

Well-known street artists of UK have many years decorated the streets of London, but now some new work is slowly appearing by a new mysterious artist. Miniature doorways is the work I’m talking about. They have been popping all over Britain capital the city London,... [+]

Another Series of Banksy’s Work Made Into Real-Life Photos

The brilliant artwork of the world’s most famous street artist Banksy influenced many other artists, inspiring them to pay him a tribute through their pieces of art. One of the most successful works of this kind are definitely these real-life photos made by a British... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #18

Sunday is here again and that means that we have a fresh new picture dump for you. It is time for 20 fresh pictures and illustrations. Don’t forget to send us your favorite pictures you stumbled over. So, let’s begin: AT-AT Star Wars street art.... [+]

Burning Portraits Made With Molotov Cocktails

What better way to remind of fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II, than to make an enormous burning hot art installation? The walls of an abandoned WWII hospital in Yekaterinburg in Russia are now full of amazing portrait installations. They are a bit blurry... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #14

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Gotta get down on Sunday. Just kidding, it is time for a new Super Awesome Weekly Picture Dump at Awesomenator. 20 best pics from the previous week we collected and you sent to us. Just keep sending us your favorite photos right... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #13

Hello awesome people, it’s time for 20 new amazing pics we chose around the web and got from you. Be awesome and continue to send us contributions to our next picture dump. A little bit of art, a little bit of design, Batman, graffiti and... [+]

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