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Top 10 Movie Crew Fails

While director is yelling “action!” and snapping with the movie clapper, how about knowing your place and getting out of the way?? Here is a selection of scene outtakes where the filming crew have some sort of organizational problems, or they simply love to be... [+]

Legendary Movie Plots Represented By Pictograms

Ever wished for a way to gather a massive amount of knowledge in a blink of an eye? Well, two Italian artists might just have a solution for you. We’re living in a crazy, fast-paced world where time is money and no one likes setting... [+]

The Top 10 Gifs of Jack Nicholson From Shining

The Shining is a 1980 psychological horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick with legendary Jack Nicholson in main role as Jack Torrance. The film is based on the Stephen King novel The Shining. Amazing performance of Nicholson will be remembered for a long... [+]

Top 20 Tattoos Inspired By Movie Characters

The ultimate step in expressing one’s fandom for their favorite movie and film character is paying a tribute to it in ink. There have been numerous attempts, more or less successful, to forever capture movie scenes or characters by getting them tattooed. We bring you... [+]

Movie Scenes Recreated With Legos

Lego bricks has to be the coolest toy ever, you can almost make anything from it. Most times adults tend to built model buildings or sculptures with them, but this time the focus was set on famous movies and movie scenes. Flickr users Alex Eylar... [+]

The Best Of Street Artist MTO

To make such awesome street graffiti you have to be extremely talented, very creative and truly artistic. This artist has all of those qualities and more. He is French but lives in Berlin, his name is Mateo but everybody knows him as MTO. Most of... [+]

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