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Making Images Out of Letters In a Mind Blowing Wordplay

Simple, and yet brilliant would be the perfect words to describe this design project by Ji Lee a innovative artist who works at the Google Creative Lab This artist tried to create a unique representation of different terms using just the letters of the words... [+]

Realistic Paintings of Weird Stuff

Who would have known that paintings of garbage bags, black tires and empty plastic bottles could be amazing art? Apparently they can. Swiss artist Till Rabus can paint so realistic you think it’s a photo you’re looking at. Beside painting garbage and tires, he is... [+]

Silence Of The Lambs’ Hidden Message

Do you remember the 1991 crime – horror film “Silence of the Lambs” with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in the leading roles? 20 years later, this movie still captures our imagination. The well-known poster with Jodie Foster’s face is showing that her mouth is... [+]

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