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Breathtaking Pictures of Ukrainian Skywalker

Just when you think Russia takes the crown in extreme street sports like skywalking, a twice more crazy Ukrainian guy shows up and leaves homework for others. He goes by the name Mustang Wanted and sure is wanted by the Ukrainian police who don’t look... [+]

Russian Daredevils Skywalking Photographs

Every generation of teenagers comes up with a new extreme sport, but this makes skydiving look as dangerous as knitting. If you’re scared of heights, you might want to skip this. Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov are two Russian teens who just made a new... [+]

Best of Humans Under Water Photography

Divers, surfers or just humans under the water, here is the best 12 amazing photos we got from good people from OneBigPhoto. Not too many people got chance to dive at Easter Island, Bahamas, in largest cave in the world, or under the Northern Lights,... [+]

Real Life Fairytale Characters

Sometimes we all wish life could be like a fairytale; beautiful princesses, handsome knights and adorable animals. Well, these guys got to live their fantasy dream. Sort of. The Russian Deviantart user Ryoko-demon had a full crew dressing up like fairytale characters. Snow White, Thumbelina,... [+]

Burning Portraits Made With Molotov Cocktails

What better way to remind of fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II, than to make an enormous burning hot art installation? The walls of an abandoned WWII hospital in Yekaterinburg in Russia are now full of amazing portrait installations. They are a bit blurry... [+]

Censorship Tells Different Story

To make a point, Reporters Without Borders made a new anti-censorship advertising campaign where intentionally blurs the line between decency and reality. No matter the image, censorship and the consequences of censorship are the key themes here. As always, what remains to be seen is... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #1

From this week every Sunday you will find 20 best photos of the week that Awesomenator has collected for you. As you can always expect from us, we will only post awesome stuff! Guys, send us your photos or illustrations, or submit your whole story... [+]

Hundreds Of Tourist Photos In One

Every day millions of tourists visit the same attractions and take photos of the same monuments, buildings and landmarks. How about taking those photos and melt them all together in one. Switzerland-based Corinne Vionnet has come up with the great idea to literally blend together... [+]

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