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Abandoned TV Sets Are Revived In a Nostalgic Tribute To Old TV Shows

Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you reminisce about you favorite childhood TV show? Then you’ll love this photo series that brings old and broken TV sets back to life. Alex Beker, a visual artist, was inspired to do this session called... [+]

Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

You gotta ask yourself – when was the last time you’ve seen a fully operational phone booth? If you belong to the younger generations, chances are you’ve never even seen or used one. Phone booths were an essential mean of communication back in the days... [+]

3D Paintings of Classical Hollywood Stars

Don’t forget your 3D glasses when you go to this art exhibition, because you’re gonna need them! These incredible canvas paintings are made to create a 3D illusion of iconic actors. Stefan Da Costa Gomez, known under the alias Phyntasize, made a Classic Hollywoo3D project... [+]

The Many Sweaters Of Bill Cosby

Who doesn’t remember The Cosby Show from the late 80′s? The huge and funny family on NBC. But I think their crazy and weird sweaters are stuck into people’s memory as well. When talking of their knitwear, Bill Cosby wore the really odd ones. Can... [+]

Hollywood Stars First Acting Roles

Ever wondered how all the huge Hollywood actors started? They obviously didn’t just show up on the greatest movies right away. That’s how it works, even for the big stars. Here you will see their first acting roles whether it was in a movie or... [+]

Old Black and White Photos Meet Pop Culture

Yoda as a WWI soldier, Darth Vader as the Pope and McDonald’s lunch box out on the street ? Yes, that is exactly what you are seeing, your eyes are not tricking you. The young and talented photographer Danil Polevoy is letting his imagination run... [+]

Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

Retro and Gothic  and Steampunk are the right words to describe his art style. It is a clash between the peaceful nature and the raw material. French artist Pierre Matter is showing the world how beautiful copper can be by creating extraordinary sculptures out of... [+]

Realistic Paintings Of Vintage Board Games

With his extraordinary painting skills artist Tim Liddy knows how to recreate vintage board games as ultra-realistic paintings. It is hard to tell that they’re not photographs because of the tape and the tears a cover of a used board game gets after some time.... [+]

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