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Iconic Hairstyles Through The Artist’s Eyes

Some of the pop culture icons and movie characters could be identified just by their hairdos, like Marge Simpson and her skyscraper blue bun. Patricia Povoa is a 31-year-old graphic designer from Lisbon specialized in making poster designs. Her illustrations are minimalist and effective in... [+]

Cult Movie Posters Now In 8 Bit Graphic

Great news for all retro gamers and movie buffs – now you can have your favorite movie poster framed on the wall, but in a retro 8 bit version! The artist behind this project is Eric Palmer, who picked some of the classics like 2001:... [+]

Pepper Spraying Cop Gets Turned Into an Internet Meme

The incident with the cop overstepping his authority has not been missed by the internet public who decided to give its response in a form of a meme. After the infamous incident at the University of California Davis when a police officer pepper sprayed a... [+]

Movie Posters That Look The Same

Movie Posters That Look The Same

Wait, I’ve already seen this movie! Or have I? It’s hard to tell nowadays with all the posters looking alike. As Christophe Courtois cleverly noticed, the people in the film industry rarely bother to come up with an original poster for their movie. He organized... [+]

Difference Between Movies And Films

Making a campaign for a film festival can be pretty challenging, but with some humor involved the result can turn out to be awesome. Is there a difference between a film and a movie? Apparently there is according to the campaign of New York International... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #13

Hello awesome people, it’s time for 20 new amazing pics we chose around the web and got from you. Be awesome and continue to send us contributions to our next picture dump. A little bit of art, a little bit of design, Batman, graffiti and... [+]

Impressive Collection Of Star Wars Fine Artwork

Who can ever get enough of Star Wars? We know that we definitely can’t; there is so much creative and cool Star Wars stuff out there! We get amazed every time. Now KULT studio has gathered fine art from the Star Wars movies; The Empire... [+]

Illustration Posters With...

Illustration Posters With Recognizable Film Props

If you are going to make a graphic movie poster why bother be as simple as possible when you can fill up the whole area with colorful design? That is obviously what Canadian graphic designer Emma Butler thought of when she started to make posters... [+]

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