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Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Most people find advertising boring, these are examples of interesting, creative and amusing ads around the world that you actually might enjoy. Every advertising agency has a goal of having such creative and likeable ad campaigns. The more you like the ad the more you... [+]

Life Story Of Important People Shown With Pictograms

How can we sum up Michael Jackson’s life, or Adolf Hitler’s, and what about Darth Vader’s? It’s easy, just follow the arrows on the pictogram posters. You have probably already seen the pictographic movie posters made by only symbols and pictograms. Now Milan-based design studio... [+]

Chewed-Up Pens as Advertising Campaign

Don’t you just love it when they use simple item in campaigns to illustrate major problems? Here is a great example of that. Clever and raw. You are maybe already familiar with Reporters Without Borders that made the censorship campaign to show the line between... [+]

Great Collection Of Minimalist Movie Posters

First word is “minimalist”, second word is? You’ve guessed right; “posters”. They are everywhere on the web, but I don’t mind because every artist does an amazing job creating them. This time the attention goes to several artists that wanted to show their special contributions... [+]

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