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Safety Pin Made Portraits on Banana Peels

When it comes to art and bananas, the most famous connection between them is the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico album. Following the footsteps of Andy Warhol, the artist known as Honey got her 15 minutes of fame by turning her favorite fruit... [+]

Incredibly Detailed Ink Portrait To Help Amnesiac Man

Sometimes art is not made for the sake of art itself, but to help those in need. A young portrait artist has used his talent to try and make one man the person he was before. You might have heard of the case of Benjaman... [+]

Expressive Portraits of Men’s Best Friends

If you ever doubted about dogs having unique personalities, here’s a collection of photos by Gerrard Charles Gethingsthat will prove you wrong. A dog lover and an aspiring London based photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings has taken on a rather complicated project. While most portrait makers... [+]

Back To The Future Iotacons

Extremely low resolution portraits is the definition of Iotacons, which basically is a cool word for 8-bit illustrations that look awesome. The American science-fiction comedy trilogy Back To The Future have been seen by most people on this planet. With Marty McFly and the crazy... [+]

Burning Portraits Made With Molotov Cocktails

What better way to remind of fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II, than to make an enormous burning hot art installation? The walls of an abandoned WWII hospital in Yekaterinburg in Russia are now full of amazing portrait installations. They are a bit blurry... [+]

When Maps Become Alive

When Maps Become Alive

Yes, it’s true that these art pieces look like paintings and drawings of people from far away, but in reality they are collages made of ordinary maps. “Map Works” is a unique project by talented Texas artist Matthew Cusick. He takes a printed map and... [+]

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