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Fascinating Underground Metro Art In Sweden

The Stockholm subway is often referred to as the world’s longest exhibition, with 110 km of paintings, art installations, wall frescos, sculptures and other art forms along its hallways. When you pay metro fare in Sweden’s capital, you’re not only able to travel between one... [+]

Iconic Hairstyles Through The Artist’s Eyes

Some of the pop culture icons and movie characters could be identified just by their hairdos, like Marge Simpson and her skyscraper blue bun. Patricia Povoa is a 31-year-old graphic designer from Lisbon specialized in making poster designs. Her illustrations are minimalist and effective in... [+]

From Scrap To Awesome – Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

If you ever wanted to have a 6 ft. tall replica of Optimus Prime that would make your friends bow to you as their new god, now you have the chance to get it. For a mere $7400, that is, but what’s money in comparison... [+]

Funny T-Shirt Illustrations

Funny T-Shirt Illustrations

If you’re looking to add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe, you should check out these funny designs from the clever mind of a young artist. Wear these and you surely won’t go unnoticed! Nacho Diaz, known under his nickname Naolito, is a... [+]

Back To The Future Iotacons

Back To The Future Iotacons

Extremely low resolution portraits is the definition of Iotacons, which basically is a cool word for 8-bit illustrations that look awesome. The American science-fiction comedy trilogy Back To The Future have been seen by most people on this planet. With Marty McFly and the crazy... [+]

Funny Video Games & Pop Culture Illustrations

Fun twists on pop culture and video games is something that we never get enough of. And what better way to express those twists than with colorful illustrations? Now, we have seen funny illustrations before by Brock Davis aka Laser Bread , but it seems... [+]

Edgy and Weird Illustrations by Boneface

Batman and Robin bleeding pink blood through their noses and ears? Rebellious guys with Frankenstein and skull masks? Meet Boneface. Boneface is a 23 year old illustrator from UK, and wow does he have talent for fresh and edgy pop art. His illustrations are not... [+]

Iconic Figures As Ice Cream Shapes

This summer the ice cream company STOYN decided to do a design experiment and therefore created 10 different ice cream designs for their products. The new ice creams are representing the most iconic figures in world culture like Darth Vader, Marylin Monroe, Che Guevara, Mickey... [+]

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