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Kids From Different Countries Posing With Their Toys

Remember how much you cared for your favorite toy when you were a kid? Here’s another proof of how all kids are the same, no matter where they come from. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a child from their favorite toy. When... [+]

Photos of Magical Soap Bubble Reflections

Seeing these beautiful pictures of soap bubbles takes us back to our childhood days when we were blowing them and watching the rainbow-colored spheres flying through the air. Keen eye of the photographer Richard Heeks doesn’t only make photos that help reminisce childhood memories but... [+]

Awarded Photos of Busy Urban Areas

As the cities grow larger, the pace of life is rapidly increasing. Sometimes it’s hard for people to find place by the honking cars as it all turns into one speeding mass of confusion. Award-winning Dutch photographer Martin Roemers focused on the human aspect in... [+]

Comical Photo Series On How to Make a Baby

A seven picture guide on how to make a baby? Don’t worry, this photo gallery is one hundred percent safe for work and it cant be shared with everyone. The perks of dating a photographer include having lots of amazing photos and interesting moments captured... [+]

Expressive Portraits of Men’s Best Friends

If you ever doubted about dogs having unique personalities, here’s a collection of photos by Gerrard Charles Gethingsthat will prove you wrong. A dog lover and an aspiring London based photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings has taken on a rather complicated project. While most portrait makers... [+]

Another Series of Banksy’s Work Made Into Real-Life Photos

The brilliant artwork of the world’s most famous street artist Banksy influenced many other artists, inspiring them to pay him a tribute through their pieces of art. One of the most successful works of this kind are definitely these real-life photos made by a British... [+]

Cool 360 Degree Photography

Those incredible panoramic 360 degree pics are really stunning, and if you thought you needed to be a professional with special equipment to make them, you’re wrong! We offer you a few tips on how to easily create your own 360 degree pictures! All you... [+]

What Will These Babies Become When They Grow Up?

It’s every parent’s dream that their child grows up to be a successful person with a fruitful career, but what makes an ideal profession? Becoming a pro wrestler or a priest certainly isn’t on the top 5 list of ambitious parents’ most desirable careers. French... [+]

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