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Twitter Fail Whale In Many Forms

Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again – and several little red birds holding up a giant whale over the ocean. Sounds familiar? It’s the Fail Whale! If you just started Twitter you maybe don’t know what I’m talking about but... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #20

It’s that day of the week when you need to relax and have a good time with our 20th pic dump! Cool billboard, crazy dress and a funny illustrations are just some of the things you will see. While you enjoy the photos don’t forget... [+]

3D Paper Sculptures With A Great Pinch Of Life

Paper sculptures are on the menu today. But everybody is making them these days so it’s nothing spectacular, you say? Think twice after checking out these 3D ones. We have represented some amazing examples of paper sculptures, like origami or sculptures inside books. They are... [+]

Delicate Origami Art

Delicate Origami Art

Who would have thought that a type of old Japanese folk art would become so world-wide popular? Origami has developed into several levels of folding, and it is amazing what you can make out of only paper. This art form goes way back, to the... [+]

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