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Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #16

Hello, this is picture dump number 16, so far we have 320 pictures in these series. Enjoy the latest and best 20 pics from around the web. Don’t forget to send us your contributions of pictures Awesomenator would like. Watermelon carved turtle The Ugly Duckling... [+]

Censorship Tells Different Story

To make a point, Reporters Without Borders made a new anti-censorship advertising campaign where intentionally blurs the line between decency and reality. No matter the image, censorship and the consequences of censorship are the key themes here. As always, what remains to be seen is... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #5

It’s been a while since last Super Awesome Picture Dump, whole 7 days. It’s Sunday and bunch of new funny animals, illustrations and creations are waiting for you. Time for number 5, don’t forget to check previous picture dumps and if you got anything interesting... [+]

One Photo Consists Thousands Of Words

It’s amazing how many techniques there are to make great illustrations. You have drawing, painting, carving, sculpting, and what not. But now typography is a new way of doing it. Playing with words is something that is quite familiar to this talented Spanish designer and... [+]

Celebrities At My Party

Celebrities At My Party

This have to be the best party that you can ever attend. Who wouldn’t like to party with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and David Beckham? Every year this awesome guy throws his friends a huge party where he of course takes a lot of photos... [+]

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