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Real Life Scenes From Movies Made in New York

New York City is among the top movie locations in the world, with thousands of memorable scenes filmed on its beautiful and always exiting streets. Tourists often go on a pilgrimage to visit exact spots their favorite movies or TV series were made and take... [+]

Best Examples of Home Photography

There are some really amazing looking homes out there and we picked up 12 best photos we found on Whats your favorite one? From tiny apartments in New York City, African luxury homes to modern Honk Kong homes, photographers did really great job capturing... [+]

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

What seems to be an ordinary set of photos at a first glance, becomes a mind blowing work of art when you notice a man carefully hidden in them… This amazing project is the result of collaboration between Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist and the... [+]

Most Realistic Pumpkin Faces You’ll Ever See

Think you’ve seen enough creative pumpkin carving ideas so far? Get ready to have your mind blown by these incredible pumpkin faces! All of you fans of comic book heroes have probably ran into Ray Villafane’s work before without knowing it. This 42-year-old New York... [+]

Difference Between Movies And Films

Making a campaign for a film festival can be pretty challenging, but with some humor involved the result can turn out to be awesome. Is there a difference between a film and a movie? Apparently there is according to the campaign of New York International... [+]

Refrigerator Contents Around The World

What does your refrigerator content say about you and your culture? Is there any type of food that is dominating or do you fill your refrigerator up with random groceries? These questions were something that caught photographer Stephanie de Rouge’s mind when she started her... [+]

It Matters Where Children Sleep

It Matters Where Children Sleep

From Kenya to Kentucky. From cattle hide bed to pink princess bed. From 10 hour working day to beauty pageants. Meet the children of the world and their life style. Photographer James Mollison has traveled around the world to meet different culture and to see... [+]

360 Degrees Panorama Planets Around the World

Imagine taking a photograph of the entire landscape around you capturing the fields, buildings, and sky with the sun and clouds. But is it possible to take a such 360 degree panorama picture? The answer would be yes because a bunch of photographers have made... [+]

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