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The History of Virgin Media

What do the Sex Pistols, a Nigerian airline and an UK broadband provider have in common? The answer is Richard Branson, one of the most successful business magnates. The story of Virgin begins in the early 70s when Branson started from scratch by selling records... [+]

Song of the Day: Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me

Awesomenator loves the sound of cool tune while making the best content for this blog. Today we recommend you song by Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me. Enjoy!

Justin Bieber vs One Direction

In 2012, British boy band One Direction found an all new following in the United States. This infographic explores their concert tour success and overall popularity. They’re the band who are breaking records each month – whether its a debut number one album in the... [+]

World’s Greatest Concerts in History

There are several lists that circulate around the web trying to collect the most massive concerts in history. This is out attempt. Everyone has their favorite concerts in their life, in this list we tried to gather concerts that were the biggest and that changed... [+]

Unexpected Things Found In Storages

Self storage units are used by all sorts of people, from average families to theto some of the world’s most famous musicians, film produces and celebrities. Here is the list of most unexpected things people find inside storage. In 2000, famous actor Nicholas Cage filed... [+]

Funniest Youtube Comments

Funniest Youtube Comments

Most of YouTube comments are annoying, stupid and worthless, but sometimes YouTube users delivers gold. Here are the 11 funniest screenshots we could find. Talking mushroom. Justin Bieber fan fail. The man has a point. Burned. Huge hands. Grumpy cat. Mozart beat. 1 pixel. Polish... [+]

Headphones Knots

Headphones Knots

The 2 questions that I’d really love to know the answer to are the meaning of life and how in the world earphones end up tangled every time you put them in your pocket? No matter what kind of evil force is responsible for it,... [+]

Radio Station Advertisement Made With Old Records

When a French rock station wanted to do a campaign to promote their expansion, they couldn’t have dreamed that they would get so much popularity. The “Rock is here to change your life” campaign was a true homage to old rock and roll album art.... [+]

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