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Alternate Ending of Movie Se7en

We believe most o you already saw a epic thriller Se7en from 1995m film directed by David Fincher staring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Ending of this movie is one of the most shocking and best endings in the movie history. Andrés Lozano from Bottleneck... [+]

Top 20 Tattoos Inspired By Movie Characters

The ultimate step in expressing one’s fandom for their favorite movie and film character is paying a tribute to it in ink. There have been numerous attempts, more or less successful, to forever capture movie scenes or characters by getting them tattooed. We bring you... [+]

Famous Celebrities As Old Russian Generals

Incorporate old paintings of Russian generals and a bunch of famous celebrities. This is what you will get. Creative and hilarious. Putting celebrity heads on Russian generals is all UK artist Steve Payne’s idea. More correctly, he is photoshopping their heads onto torsos of the... [+]

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