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Yummy Miniature Meals Made Out of Clay

The first rule of eating healthy is having small meals, but we’re not sure this is what the nutritionists had in mind…Just a warning – don’t look at these pics on an empty stomach… What looks as delicious dishes at a first glance turns out... [+]

Toothpick Miniature Sculptures

With some tweezers, razor blades and glue it is possible to make a mini White House and other landmark replicas out of only one toothpick. Now, that is what you call delicate work. Artist Steven J. Backman has made landmark replicas of everything from the... [+]

Knitted Star Wars Characters

Knitted Star Wars Characters

33 years have gone by since the first Star Wars movie was released, but still every day fans continue to amaze us with their love and creativity for the movies. Lucy Ravenscar is a crochet designer from Horsham, United Kingdom. She is a mom of... [+]

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