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55 Mind-Boggling Lego Riddles

55 Mind-Boggling Lego Riddles

Fifty five years ago, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen changed the history of toys by patenting the Lego bricks in a form millions of kids worldwide have enjoyed since. What made Legos so popular is the fact they are one of the most creative toys that help... [+]

Twitter Fail Whale In Many Forms

Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again – and several little red birds holding up a giant whale over the ocean. Sounds familiar? It’s the Fail Whale! If you just started Twitter you maybe don’t know what I’m talking about but... [+]

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Most people find advertising boring, these are examples of interesting, creative and amusing ads around the world that you actually might enjoy. Every advertising agency has a goal of having such creative and likeable ad campaigns. The more you like the ad the more you... [+]

Lego Cartoon Characters Ad Campaign

Is it possible to represent some of the most famous cartoon characters using only different colored Lego blocks? Their new campaign says it is. Lego’s latest ad is simply entitled “Imagine”, and it’s not hard to do so, piles of Lego blocks as popular cartoon... [+]

Baby Bottles For Kids Over 21

Baby Bottles For Kids Over 21

This concept is wrong on so many levels it’s just plain awesome, and the Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano did a great job shocking the public with her latest art project. It’s called Pop Bottles and represents bottles of hard liquor turned into baby bottles.... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #19

Weekly picture dump number 19 is ready for you with everything from funny illustrations to strange photos and with little bit of Halloween touch. 20 awesome pics as usual send us your favorite photos here. This AT-AT dog loves his Halloween costume. Urban camouflage “Hello... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #16

Hello, this is picture dump number 16, so far we have 320 pictures in these series. Enjoy the latest and best 20 pics from around the web. Don’t forget to send us your contributions of pictures Awesomenator would like. Watermelon carved turtle The Ugly Duckling... [+]

Lego Dude Surfs On Blue Waves Of Ink

Ink meets water, and Lego Surfer dude is lucky enough to ride it on his surfing board. Definitely an interesting way of expressing high-speed photography. It can take a while to realize that the soft blue thing is ink flowing freely in clear water. Still... [+]

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