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Cult Movie Posters Now In 8 Bit Graphic

Great news for all retro gamers and movie buffs – now you can have your favorite movie poster framed on the wall, but in a retro 8 bit version! The artist behind this project is Eric Palmer, who picked some of the classics like 2001:... [+]

Top 10 Highest Body Count Action Movie Characters

When watching an action film, have you ever thought about how many people the main character kills during the movie? Well, somebody has actually counted all of them. Here you will see which actors are in the top 10 of having assassinated most people during... [+]

Awesome Paintings of Epic Movies

Bad-ass movies such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Fight Club and The Dark Knight deserves bad-ass posters, and as you see they finally got it. The man behind the caricature posters is the talented illustrator Justin Reed. They are all done on 100% cotton paper... [+]

Epic Movie Quotes Illustrations

Movie quotes is something people refer to on daily basis. Some quotes are more popular than others, especially the ones from epic movies. Illustrator Goran Patlejch with Flickr nickname “Goenetix” from Prague knows what movies have the best quotations, and he easily made simple illustrations... [+]

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