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Superpower Yielding Japanese High School Girls

As with a lot of other things, Japan, or rather it’s schoolgirls, are taking us into a new photo super trend. A lot of you have already seen some examples of this, but it has only recently grown into a creative vesile for young Japanese... [+]

Breaking Bad Artwork on Foam Cups

The incredible Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey continues to amaze with his new work in decorating foam cups. This time he paid tribute to one of the best TV shows of all time. If the name Walter White doesn’t ring a bell, it’s time you rented... [+]

Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time

While the word “remake” is enough for an average movie fan to frown in disgust thanks to Hollywood’s habit of shamelessly exploiting classic storylines and making mediocre movies.. ..there are still some exceptions to the rule when both remake and the original movies are top... [+]

Realistic Robot Dancer From Japan

Have you heard about the new robot dance? It has been upgraded to a more advanced level, and oh, it’s performed by a real robot this time. Yes, that’s very true what you’ve just read. A HRP-4C female robot has learned how to dance for... [+]

Creepy Forever Alone iPhone Case From Japan

Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a attached rubber hand while you’re talking on your iPhone? Neither have we. Now, for $20 you can have on of these. The weirdness of Japanese products continues. You remember the creepy robot cell phone they... [+]

Decorated Gas Tanks in Japan

Decorated Gas Tanks in Japan

Decorated gas tanks in Japan you say? Yes, and I love how it’s totally random over there! Big smiley faces, butterflies, hearts, flowers…you name it! The decorated gas tanks can be found all over Japan, and the decoration is done by local gas companies, just... [+]

Weird Robots As New Japanese Cell Phones

A mobile phone that looks like a naked robot that can see, speak, hear and glow? It’s time to meet the new generation of robotic mobile phones; the Elfoids. NTT Docomo and Qualcomm has paired up with robotics researchers from Osaka University and made this... [+]

Japanese Trucks Will Dazzle You

I think most of you will agree with me when I say that Japan has kinda wacky culture. I mean, look at all the strange things they got over there And I’m not talking about the weird stuff that they are producing or the food... [+]

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