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Top 10 Countries with Fastest...

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet

Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, having to deal with a slow internet connection can be a real pain. Akamai platform, which delivers around 30 percent of all web traffic in the world, has published its latest report on internet trends for the second... [+]

Top 10 Strangest Things You Can Buy Online

Everything can be bought online these days, but some of things on someone shopping list are really strange. Here is the top 10 list. While e-shopping on some sites like Amazon, Ebay or Shopclues and using Shopclues Coupon Codes you can buy from private island... [+]

Superpower Yielding Japanese High School Girls

As with a lot of other things, Japan, or rather it’s schoolgirls, are taking us into a new photo super trend. A lot of you have already seen some examples of this, but it has only recently grown into a creative vesile for young Japanese... [+]

Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

You gotta ask yourself – when was the last time you’ve seen a fully operational phone booth? If you belong to the younger generations, chances are you’ve never even seen or used one. Phone booths were an essential mean of communication back in the days... [+]

Movie Scenes Reenacted In a Global Photo Project

One creative guy combined his love for traveling and film into an amazing project, paying tribute to some of his favorite movie scenes by recreating them at the exact spot they were shot at. Allen Fuqua isn’t the type of person to take the classical... [+]

Realistic Robot Dancer From Japan

Realistic Robot Dancer From Japan

Have you heard about the new robot dance? It has been upgraded to a more advanced level, and oh, it’s performed by a real robot this time. Yes, that’s very true what you’ve just read. A HRP-4C female robot has learned how to dance for... [+]

Creepy Forever Alone iPhone Case From Japan

Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a attached rubber hand while you’re talking on your iPhone? Neither have we. Now, for $20 you can have on of these. The weirdness of Japanese products continues. You remember the creepy robot cell phone they... [+]

It Matters Where Children Sleep

It Matters Where Children Sleep

From Kenya to Kentucky. From cattle hide bed to pink princess bed. From 10 hour working day to beauty pageants. Meet the children of the world and their life style. Photographer James Mollison has traveled around the world to meet different culture and to see... [+]

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