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Top 20 Tattoos Inspired By Movie Characters

The ultimate step in expressing one’s fandom for their favorite movie and film character is paying a tribute to it in ink. There have been numerous attempts, more or less successful, to forever capture movie scenes or characters by getting them tattooed. We bring you... [+]

From Scrap To Awesome – Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

If you ever wanted to have a 6 ft. tall replica of Optimus Prime that would make your friends bow to you as their new god, now you have the chance to get it. For a mere $7400, that is, but what’s money in comparison... [+]

Pop Culture Ponies

Pop Culture Ponies

Every little girl once dream of getting a Pony as a gift. Mari Kasurinen definitely owns a lot of them, but each one is completely unique. Every pony is custom handmade and represent one character of the pop culture. You can find Willy Wonka, Superman,... [+]

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