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Most Luxurious Wedding Venues In The World

If you are planing a wedding and it happens that you are super rich, we found you some of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world. Hotel Caruso, Ravello in Italy allows you to use exclusive hotel’s 50 rooms and suites and this amazing... [+]

Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time

While the word “remake” is enough for an average movie fan to frown in disgust thanks to Hollywood’s habit of shamelessly exploiting classic storylines and making mediocre movies.. ..there are still some exceptions to the rule when both remake and the original movies are top... [+]

Lego Dude Surfs On Blue Waves Of Ink

Ink meets water, and Lego Surfer dude is lucky enough to ride it on his surfing board. Definitely an interesting way of expressing high-speed photography. It can take a while to realize that the soft blue thing is ink flowing freely in clear water. Still... [+]

It Matters Where Children Sleep

It Matters Where Children Sleep

From Kenya to Kentucky. From cattle hide bed to pink princess bed. From 10 hour working day to beauty pageants. Meet the children of the world and their life style. Photographer James Mollison has traveled around the world to meet different culture and to see... [+]

Street Art Starring Mystic...

Street Art Starring Mystic Silhouette Wall Man

Street art in silence without words and without explanation; only one single silhouette of a mystic man and fun urban surroundings. Unique and jolly I would say. Italy-based artist Kenny Random is, besides from having a cool name, the person behind some of the most... [+]

360 Degrees Panorama Planets Around the World

Imagine taking a photograph of the entire landscape around you capturing the fields, buildings, and sky with the sun and clouds. But is it possible to take a such 360 degree panorama picture? The answer would be yes because a bunch of photographers have made... [+]

Hundreds Of Tourist Photos In One

Hundreds Of Tourist Photos In One

Every day millions of tourists visit the same attractions and take photos of the same monuments, buildings and landmarks. How about taking those photos and melt them all together in one. Switzerland-based Corinne Vionnet has come up with the great idea to literally blend together... [+]

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