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Wild Rollercoaster Sculpture in Germany

Even if you’re not a big fan of art or exhibitions, you’re gonna love this sculpture! Who could resist a chance to have fun on a huge roller coaster in the name of art? In Duisburg, Germany, two artists put their heads together to come... [+]

Underground City In Middle Of A Meadow

Uh-oh, watch your steps, something that seems like an endless meadow can soon turn out to be an artistic outdoor installation. It is the work street artist EVOL did for music and art festival MS Dockville in Hamburg, Germany. At first he thought it would... [+]

Creative Installations by Laser Bread

Creativity, originality and amazing-ness combined in one. That is what you’ll get when taking a look at this one artist’s art work that will open your eyes to see things differently. I’m talking about Brock Davis aka Laser Bread from Flickr. He has really done... [+]

Wood Can Turn Into Awesome...

Wood Can Turn Into Awesome Sculptures

Wood is pretty much flexible; you can do a lot with it, and that is what Chicago-based artist Michael T. Rea figured out when he started his “wood projects” as you might call them. Michael T. Rea basically makes time machines, space shuttles, instruments, machine... [+]

This Pool Won't Let You Swim

This Pool Won’t Let You Swim

A pool with fully clothed people standing straight in it, how is it possible? The answer is the odd 12-year-old fake pool with a huge transparent laminated glass at the top filled with water. It is true that weird installations has been represented earlier on... [+]

Gift Shop of America

Gift Shop of America

America the Gift Shop is a set of photograph installations made by Phillip Toledano, more familiar as Mr. Toledano. This selection is basically a criticism on Bush and Cheney administration and their foreign policy through the years. These souvenirs are certainly representing one trip through... [+]

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