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Top 20 Tattoos Inspired By Movie Characters

The ultimate step in expressing one’s fandom for their favorite movie and film character is paying a tribute to it in ink. There have been numerous attempts, more or less successful, to forever capture movie scenes or characters by getting them tattooed. We bring you... [+]

Awesome Comic Illustrations Of Famous Movies

Who would have known that some illustrations could express movie scenes in such an awesome way? See for yourself and enjoy. It’s just so much interesting you can find on Deviantart, and this user called “Otisframpton”, that’s a comic artist from the U.S., has made... [+]

Best Behind The Scenes Photos Of Epic Movies

Have you ever wanted to see behind the scenes photos of some of the most popular movies ever? I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some interesting ones, but we’ve picked the best ones! Johny Depp with director Terry Gilliam on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... [+]

Hollywood Stars First Acting Roles

Ever wondered how all the huge Hollywood actors started? They obviously didn’t just show up on the greatest movies right away. That’s how it works, even for the big stars. Here you will see their first acting roles whether it was in a movie or... [+]

Movie Scenes Recreated With Legos

Lego bricks has to be the coolest toy ever, you can almost make anything from it. Most times adults tend to built model buildings or sculptures with them, but this time the focus was set on famous movies and movie scenes. Flickr users Alex Eylar... [+]

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