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Celebrities Amazing Bathrooms

We are taking a peek inside one of the most private rooms in the house of celebrities – their bathrooms and let’s see what we found. If you need bathroom ideas this article will give you some inspiration. Celebrities need their privacy, and these luxurious... [+]

Compulsive Hoarders, What are the Unusual Things They Store

Many people collect things as a hobby, but there is a line after which a pastime activity evolves into a dangerous obsession. Compulsive hoarders are people who excessively gather various objects and have a hard time discarding things they don’t need anymore, from empty bottles... [+]

Top Real Estates in Istanbul

It is everyone’s passion to live in a magnificent palace. Whenever we see Dolmabahce Palace, whenever Ottoman classical music is played or whenever we pass through Topkapi Palace. We always imagine ourselves living in those palaces. What we feel in our hearts is our admiration... [+]

Shipping Container Home – a New Mobile House Concept [GIF]

One man’s inspiration found in trash resulted in one of the most interesting projects in the field of architectural design – houses made inside of shipping crates. Forget about trailer parks – the way things are going with these mobile homes, we’ll be having storage... [+]

Best Examples of Home Photography

There are some really amazing looking homes out there and we picked up 12 best photos we found on Whats your favorite one? From tiny apartments in New York City, African luxury homes to modern Honk Kong homes, photographers did really great job capturing... [+]

Real Life UP-house With 300 Balloons

What we see in animated movies can sometimes be very unreal, like in adventure movie “Up” where the house is lifted by many balloons. That’s not possible in real life, or is it? The answer to that is “yes”, it has actually happened in real... [+]

The Dark Side Of New Orleans

What happened to these abandoned streets in New Orleans? It almost looks like zombies invaded them and made people run away but that’s of course not the case. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed huge parts of the city. With almost half... [+]

Japan Snow Monsters

Japan Snow Monsters

If you want to celebrate the winter season and see some really awesome snow phenomenons you should go to Japan because they know how to appreciate snow and rime ice. This gathering of scary yet beautiful “snow monsters” are happening up in the mountains of... [+]

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