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Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time

While the word “remake” is enough for an average movie fan to frown in disgust thanks to Hollywood’s habit of shamelessly exploiting classic storylines and making mediocre movies.. ..there are still some exceptions to the rule when both remake and the original movies are top... [+]

Artsy Darth Vader Helmets Up For Auction

We’re not sure how much Lord Vader would appreciate a helmet covered in colorful feathers, but he will not complain anyway, so no one’s gonna get force choked to death. Luckily for 24 artist who were selected to make art using replicas of Vader’s famous... [+]

Most Realistic Pumpkin Faces You’ll Ever See

Think you’ve seen enough creative pumpkin carving ideas so far? Get ready to have your mind blown by these incredible pumpkin faces! All of you fans of comic book heroes have probably ran into Ray Villafane’s work before without knowing it. This 42-year-old New York... [+]

Bowling With Creepy Zombie Heads

If you find zombies gross and scary, and on top of that you can’t stand bowling, this is definitely not the right place for you. Lots of bowling balls were turned into chopped-off zombie heads for a campaign in honor of the German version of... [+]

Edgy and Weird Illustrations by Boneface

Batman and Robin bleeding pink blood through their noses and ears? Rebellious guys with Frankenstein and skull masks? Meet Boneface. Boneface is a 23 year old illustrator from UK, and wow does he have talent for fresh and edgy pop art. His illustrations are not... [+]

2 Million Dollars Worth Movie Posters Collection For Sale

Is there anything that can be called the greatest movie poster collection of all time? A woman claims her collection is of that kind, and well, the bidding price speaks for itself. eBay seller “mrs.miniver” from California sells old vintage original sci-fi posters from the... [+]

Silence Of The Lambs’ Hidden Message

Do you remember the 1991 crime – horror film “Silence of the Lambs” with Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in the leading roles? 20 years later, this movie still captures our imagination. The well-known poster with Jodie Foster’s face is showing that her mouth is... [+]

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