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Surfing Stormtrooper is Back!

Remember that awesome dude with Stormtrooper helmet we use to write back in 2011 in article “The Adventures of Surfing Stormtrooper” ?! Well, guess who’s back? Surfing Trooper is a Tumblr blogger who make awesome photographs on his travels and waves and the guy who... [+]

Best of Humans Under Water Photography

Divers, surfers or just humans under the water, here is the best 12 amazing photos we got from good people from OneBigPhoto. Not too many people got chance to dive at Easter Island, Bahamas, in largest cave in the world, or under the Northern Lights,... [+]

Perfect Pair of High Heels For a Geeky Girl

The girl of your dreams would walk into your bedroom wearing something like this and then risk being completely ignored while you admire the details of Super Mario on her pumps. Being a geeky hottie is tricky, but there’s still a lot of girls willing... [+]

Realistic Robot Dancer From Japan

Have you heard about the new robot dance? It has been upgraded to a more advanced level, and oh, it’s performed by a real robot this time. Yes, that’s very true what you’ve just read. A HRP-4C female robot has learned how to dance for... [+]

Wicked Pencil Sculptures

Wicked voodoo dolls is probably the first thought that pops into your head when seeing these creations. And yes, they are all made of color pencils which just makes it more weird. The Colombian artist Federico Uribe is very known for his love and need... [+]

2 Models Divided By 70 Years

Age is just a number they say, but it still marks how much you have lived which can make a big deal, and these two models, one young and one old, will exactly show you that. Photographer Sacha Goldberger is using his own grandmother Mamika... [+]

Surreal Human Metamorphosing

Surreal Human Metamorphosing

To express this kind of art work I have to use words such as: surreal, bizarre and unusual, but still unique in many ways. This is all about pushing photography to a whole new level where everything is permitted. The people at Taylor James Creative... [+]

Newspapers Go High Fashion

Newspapers Go High Fashion

Who would have thought that newspapers could be used to create clothes? Maybe a bit uncomfortable but the clothes look really good on this model, probably because it’s folded and made in the right way. Amy Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard are both photographers that are... [+]

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