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Compulsive Hoarders, What are the Unusual Things They Store

Many people collect things as a hobby, but there is a line after which a pastime activity evolves into a dangerous obsession. Compulsive hoarders are people who excessively gather various objects and have a hard time discarding things they don’t need anymore, from empty bottles... [+]

Yummy City Blueprint Made of Food

You don’t have to be a big fan of architectural design to like these blueprints, because they would make a perfect delicious snack. This delicious project was made by Stockholm based art director Petter Johansson for a project called Atelier Food. He used chopped onions,... [+]

Funny Way to Make Eggs

Funny Way to Make Eggs

Millions start their day with a eggs on their plates, now there is little cute gadget to give your breakfast fried eggs a shape of sun and cloud and to help you start your day with a smile. A nice and creative designed gadget since... [+]

Rearranging The World – Chaos Vs. Order

Here’s something anyone with OCD will enjoy! A perspective on the world from the eye of a person obsessed with order and harmony… The Chaos vs. Order gallery was uploaded on Imgur album some time ago, and it reached nearly 2 million views so far.... [+]

Yummy Miniature Meals Made Out of Clay

The first rule of eating healthy is having small meals, but we’re not sure this is what the nutritionists had in mind…Just a warning – don’t look at these pics on an empty stomach… What looks as delicious dishes at a first glance turns out... [+]

Paintings Of Delicious Food Looking Super Realistic

Fresh egg-and-ham sandwich, delicious ice cream, warm french fries, colorful candy… It looks too yummy to be true, or should we say: real? Unfortunately these dishes are not real. They are hyper realistic paintings by artist Tjalf Sparnaay from Netherlands. Knowing that he is self-taught,... [+]

Most Realistic Pumpkin Faces You’ll Ever See

Think you’ve seen enough creative pumpkin carving ideas so far? Get ready to have your mind blown by these incredible pumpkin faces! All of you fans of comic book heroes have probably ran into Ray Villafane’s work before without knowing it. This 42-year-old New York... [+]

Room For Rock and Roll Fans

Ever dreamt of being a rock star? You will probably have to keep on dreaming, but do it with style in this awesome rock and roll room. The new Italian brand “Rocket” has made this awesome bedroom completely music and rock and roll inspired, with... [+]

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