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Underground City In Middle Of A Meadow

Uh-oh, watch your steps, something that seems like an endless meadow can soon turn out to be an artistic outdoor installation. It is the work street artist EVOL did for music and art festival MS Dockville in Hamburg, Germany. At first he thought it would... [+]

Movie Characters Are All Over...

Movie Characters Are All Over Twitter

Flickr user Timo Meyer from Germany has grabbed the opportunity to make Twitter more interesting by following movie character accounts, and connecting their tweets. Stormtrooper, Ben Kenobi, Chief Brody from Jaws, Roy Neary from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Terminator T-800, Travis Bickle from... [+]

Logos Telling The Truth Again

Logos Telling The Truth Again

We had Facebook, Camel, Carlsberg and Youtube logos telling us the truth once, but now it’s time for another round of Honest Logos. Yes, it’s part 2 of funny Viktor Hertz’s re-created logos of famous brands. Now he has turned Porsche into Penis Extender, Marlboro... [+]

10 Masterpiece Paintings On 1 Face

Modern art has come to stay. Some people will never get it whilst others may encourage it even more by contributing with new products, like these face paintings. Yes, it’s literally paint on face. 20 year old Andy Alcala aka Mr. Puma on Flickr is... [+]

The Dark Side Of New Orleans

The Dark Side Of New Orleans

What happened to these abandoned streets in New Orleans? It almost looks like zombies invaded them and made people run away but that’s of course not the case. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed huge parts of the city. With almost half... [+]

Lego Converse As Sporty Lego MOC

The great thing about Lego is that you can built anything you want from it. Lego creations that are custom made by you is usually called Lego MOC that stands for “My Own Creation”. Here is an amazing example of awesome MOC; The Lego Converse... [+]

Two Beautiful Photos In One By Using Double Exposure

No, your eyes are not tricking you in any way. The ghost-like pictures are just a way of expressing some awesome double exposure photography. Student and photographer Oliver Morris has spread his talent on his Flickr page. The double exposure photos is his speciality, and... [+]

3 Pop Culture Alphabet Versions

Super Hero Alphabet, or The Simpsons Alphabet? No one has made something like this before. It could be the new and fun way of learning kids the good old A-B-C. Graphic Designer Fabian Gonzalez, or known as Lishoff on Flickr, has made three fun alphabet... [+]

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