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Awesome Realistic South Park Fan Art

Being one of the most popular animated sitcoms over the last years, the South Park is for the first time represented in a somewhat clearer form than usual. Unfortunately the artist is unknown but that person has really put some detailed faces to some of... [+]

Creative Installations by Laser Bread

Creativity, originality and amazing-ness combined in one. That is what you’ll get when taking a look at this one artist’s art work that will open your eyes to see things differently. I’m talking about Brock Davis aka Laser Bread from Flickr. He has really done... [+]

Meet Eggbert The Living Egg

Meet Eggbert The Living Egg

We crack them open, we fry them, we boil them, we whip them, we eat them. We basically take eggs for granted. But what if we knew that they had real personalities? Talented artist Vanessa Dualib from São Paulo in Brazil has given her ordinary... [+]

Hone Your Cloud Hunting Skills

Hone Your Cloud Hunting Skills

As a kid I’m sure you spent at least a few lazy summer days finding shapes in clouds, and now you can pick up where you left off, and bring your skills to Klowdz. Amateur doodlers and professional artists can have a go with a... [+]

12 Lucky Countries Considering Life Pleasures

Every country has something positive that is very typical for their specific culture. Many countries are considered lucky because they have some specific characteristics, and this often tends to encourage people to move there. On a request from Newsweek, illustrator Frank Chimero has represented 12... [+]

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