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New York Apartment Refurbishment

This New York City apartment with a view, was designed for House Beautiful as part of a larger showhouse project, Designer Visions: Cinema Style. Before we had bare-bones kitchen and dining area, now the kitchen was fitted with Silestone Natural Quartz countertops and Miele appliances... [+]

Futuristic Meeting Rooms

Futuristic Meeting Rooms

A conference hall or meeting room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. These are some futuristic examples. Worlds best architects and designers made world best and futuristic meeting rooms, these are some perfect examples you can find... [+]

Fire Extinguishers Art

Fire Extinguishers Art

Fire extinguishers with motives designed individually according to customers preferences ensure an original way of combining safety and style in tastefully arranged objects. These designed fire extinguishers not only that can save you from the fire they also can nice detail in your working or... [+]

Safety Pin Made Portraits on Banana Peels

When it comes to art and bananas, the most famous connection between them is the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico album. Following the footsteps of Andy Warhol, the artist known as Honey got her 15 minutes of fame by turning her favorite fruit... [+]

Hilarious Graphic Designs You’ll Want On Your T-Shirt

How many times have you regretted sending a drunk text at 3 a.m. ‘when the 2 for 1′s undone the writers block’, as Arctic Monkeys sing in one of their songs? To err is human and we’ve all made some decisions based on poor judgement... [+]

Amazing Star Wars Sports Teams Logos

One of the prejudices about Star Wars fans is that they aren’t exactly sports fans. They are believed to be incapable of playing any kind of game that doesn’t involve a 16-sided die. David Creighton-Pester sets on a mission of proving stereotypes wrong and adjoining... [+]

Top 20 Tattoos Inspired By Movie Characters

The ultimate step in expressing one’s fandom for their favorite movie and film character is paying a tribute to it in ink. There have been numerous attempts, more or less successful, to forever capture movie scenes or characters by getting them tattooed. We bring you... [+]

Yummy Miniature Meals Made Out of Clay

The first rule of eating healthy is having small meals, but we’re not sure this is what the nutritionists had in mind…Just a warning – don’t look at these pics on an empty stomach… What looks as delicious dishes at a first glance turns out... [+]

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