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Alternate Ending of Movie Se7en

We believe most o you already saw a epic thriller Se7en from 1995m film directed by David Fincher staring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Ending of this movie is one of the most shocking and best endings in the movie history. Andrés Lozano from Bottleneck... [+]

Disney Characters and Superheroes Stuck in Dead-End Jobs

While Minnie Mouse is sweeping the floor of the building she works in as a cleaning lady, Spiderman is waiting for the light to turn red so he could scrape some change… Depressing images of some of the least paid and least respected jobs with... [+]

What's Your Batman Name?

What’s Your Batman Name?

Do you know all the name generators around the web, which give you specific names based on your real name? Here is the one for all Batman fans, your Batman name! While you’re doing it, check out this amazing evolution of Batman symbol and 10... [+]

Edgy and Weird Illustrations by Boneface

Batman and Robin bleeding pink blood through their noses and ears? Rebellious guys with Frankenstein and skull masks? Meet Boneface. Boneface is a 23 year old illustrator from UK, and wow does he have talent for fresh and edgy pop art. His illustrations are not... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #12

It is time for another weekly picture dump here on the Awesomenator. Best pictures of the week collected around the web and gotten from you. Straight to the point. Motivation is always a good thing. The fall of man. Star Trek bike. Star Destroyer invades... [+]

Realistic Meme Faces

Realistic Meme Faces

These Meme face expressions has made us laugh the past year every day on the Internet. Jae from Joined Artist forum painted them in a realistic way. He took photos of himself and painted these faces over them. There is a “Forever alone” or “FUUUUUU”... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #1

From this week every Sunday you will find 20 best photos of the week that Awesomenator has collected for you. As you can always expect from us, we will only post awesome stuff! Guys, send us your photos or illustrations, or submit your whole story... [+]

Pop Culture Melonheads

Pop Culture Melonheads

Meet the coolest little creatures of the Internet; The Melonheads. Huge heads and small bodies in different pop cultural formats is what I’m talking about. Melonville is their place of “living” which is also a Spanish online shop where you can buy t-shirts with Melonheads... [+]

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