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Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time

While the word “remake” is enough for an average movie fan to frown in disgust thanks to Hollywood’s habit of shamelessly exploiting classic storylines and making mediocre movies.. ..there are still some exceptions to the rule when both remake and the original movies are top... [+]

10 Things We Know About Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Many fans can not wait for the new Batman movie to come out, nether do we. These are the 10 facts about last part of this trilogy that we have gathered. The filming of The Dark Knight Rises begins in India in beginning of May.... [+]

Top 10 Highest Body Count Action Movie Characters

When watching an action film, have you ever thought about how many people the main character kills during the movie? Well, somebody has actually counted all of them. Here you will see which actors are in the top 10 of having assassinated most people during... [+]

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