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Celebrities Amazing Bathrooms

Celebrities Amazing Bathrooms

We are taking a peek inside one of the most private rooms in the house of celebrities – their bathrooms and let’s see what we found. If you need bathroom ideas this article will give you some inspiration. Celebrities need their privacy, and these luxurious... [+]

Photoshop Is a Celeb's Best Friend

Photoshop Is a Celeb’s Best Friend

Looking at hot celebrities pictures makes you envy them on their perfect looks, but don’t worry – even they can’t look as great as this without a little help from photoshop. But when the originals appear online, it’s time for them to panic. Since we’re... [+]

3D Paintings of Classical Hollywood Stars

Don’t forget your 3D glasses when you go to this art exhibition, because you’re gonna need them! These incredible canvas paintings are made to create a 3D illusion of iconic actors. Stefan Da Costa Gomez, known under the alias Phyntasize, made a Classic Hollywoo3D project... [+]

Famous Celebrities As Old Russian Generals

Incorporate old paintings of Russian generals and a bunch of famous celebrities. This is what you will get. Creative and hilarious. Putting celebrity heads on Russian generals is all UK artist Steve Payne’s idea. More correctly, he is photoshopping their heads onto torsos of the... [+]

Celebrities At My Party

Celebrities At My Party

This have to be the best party that you can ever attend. Who wouldn’t like to party with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and David Beckham? Every year this awesome guy throws his friends a huge party where he of course takes a lot of photos... [+]

Satirical And Strange Illustrations

Brandon Bird is a California based artist with a penchant for awesomeness. Strangeness has reached a new point with Brandon Bird’s oil paintings and we love it. Here you can see Christopher Walken creating an Optimus Prime from Transformers in his workshop, Philip Seymour Hoffman... [+]

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