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Alternate Ending of Movie Se7en

We believe most o you already saw a epic thriller Se7en from 1995m film directed by David Fincher staring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Ending of this movie is one of the most shocking and best endings in the movie history. Andrés Lozano from Bottleneck... [+]

Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time

While the word “remake” is enough for an average movie fan to frown in disgust thanks to Hollywood’s habit of shamelessly exploiting classic storylines and making mediocre movies.. ..there are still some exceptions to the rule when both remake and the original movies are top... [+]

Awesome Paintings of Epic Movies

Bad-ass movies such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Fight Club and The Dark Knight deserves bad-ass posters, and as you see they finally got it. The man behind the caricature posters is the talented illustrator Justin Reed. They are all done on 100% cotton paper... [+]

Celebrities At My Party

Celebrities At My Party

This have to be the best party that you can ever attend. Who wouldn’t like to party with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and David Beckham? Every year this awesome guy throws his friends a huge party where he of course takes a lot of photos... [+]

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