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A Memorable Event: Flying Machines of Red Bull

Thousands of people gathered on the banks of the Russian capital Moscow River to watch 38 teams compete in the city’s Red Bull Flugtag festival. The world’s most famous energy drink Red Bull is behind Flugtag, ( meaning “flying day”). It is a competition in... [+]

Awarded Photos of Busy Urban Areas

Awarded Photos of Busy Urban Areas

As the cities grow larger, the pace of life is rapidly increasing. Sometimes it’s hard for people to find place by the honking cars as it all turns into one speeding mass of confusion. Award-winning Dutch photographer Martin Roemers focused on the human aspect in... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #16

Hello, this is picture dump number 16, so far we have 320 pictures in these series. Enjoy the latest and best 20 pics from around the web. Don’t forget to send us your contributions of pictures Awesomenator would like. Watermelon carved turtle The Ugly Duckling... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #3

Once again it’s time for a new super awesome, funny and cool picture dump at Awesomenator dot com. We hand pick 20 best pics from previews week. First and second super weekly picture dump got great response, so we are continuing our Sunday tradition. Keep... [+]

Weird Steel Sculptures

Weird Steel Sculptures

Sculptor Jud Turner turns found objects and materials into intriguing weird forms, often rusted, old machine parts from places such as BRING Recycling. He uses bits of thin steel to carefully build figures like human skulls, a skeleton on bike, a weird fish and a... [+]

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