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Awarded Photos of Busy Urban Areas

As the cities grow larger, the pace of life is rapidly increasing. Sometimes it’s hard for people to find place by the honking cars as it all turns into one speeding mass of confusion. Award-winning Dutch photographer Martin Roemers focused on the human aspect in... [+]

Best Examples of Home Photography

There are some really amazing looking homes out there and we picked up 12 best photos we found on Whats your favorite one? From tiny apartments in New York City, African luxury homes to modern Honk Kong homes, photographers did really great job capturing... [+]

Realistic Robot Dancer From Japan

Have you heard about the new robot dance? It has been upgraded to a more advanced level, and oh, it’s performed by a real robot this time. Yes, that’s very true what you’ve just read. A HRP-4C female robot has learned how to dance for... [+]

Bali Has Never Been This Beautiful

It’s maybe small in size but its beauty is certainly endless. White beaches, fun surfing, stunning temples and colorful trees. Welcome to Bali. Ukraine-based photographer Denis Allbertovich has traveled to this little paradise and captured some incredible photographs. The turquoise sea, magnificent gardens, the extraordinary... [+]

Traveling Through Lonely North Korea

Ruling Communism, armed soldiers in every street, strict discipline, loneliness, and Kim II Sung. That’s today’s North Korea in a nutshell. Jean H. Lee as The Associated Press bureau chief in Seoul, and David Guttenfelder as AP’s chief Asia photographer, have together traveled a lot... [+]

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