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Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

You gotta ask yourself – when was the last time you’ve seen a fully operational phone booth? If you belong to the younger generations, chances are you’ve never even seen or used one. Phone booths were an essential mean of communication back in the days... [+]

Colorful Collage Portraits Made From Money Bills

Have you ever paid attention to the artwork on money bills you’re using? Different countries have paper currencies that vary in size and color, but they have one thing in common – portraits of their famous people. French artist Philippe P√©tremant took some time to... [+]

Fire Extinguishers Art

Fire Extinguishers Art

Fire extinguishers with motives designed individually according to customers preferences ensure an original way of combining safety and style in tastefully arranged objects. These designed fire extinguishers not only that can save you from the fire they also can nice detail in your working or... [+]

Safety Pin Made Portraits on Banana Peels

When it comes to art and bananas, the most famous connection between them is the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico album. Following the footsteps of Andy Warhol, the artist known as Honey got her 15 minutes of fame by turning her favorite fruit... [+]

How Algebra Can Be Fun When Used In Street Art

Urban art with a dash of geekery is almost always the formula for success, as street artist Aakash Nihalani proves once again with his new project. You might know about his previous work, Tape Art, where Nihalani used just some neon tape to create amazing... [+]

Fascinating Underground Metro Art In Sweden

The Stockholm subway is often referred to as the world’s longest exhibition, with 110 km of paintings, art installations, wall frescos, sculptures and other art forms along its hallways. When you pay metro fare in Sweden’s capital, you’re not only able to travel between one... [+]

Mini Graffiti Around London

Mini Graffiti Around London

Well-known street artists of UK have many years decorated the streets of London, but now some new work is slowly appearing by a new mysterious artist. Miniature doorways is the work I’m talking about. They have been popping all over Britain capital the city London,... [+]

Turning Dusty Car Windows Into Art Forms

To some, a dirty rear car window is a plain ugly sight, but to others it’s an empty canvas with limitless fun, creative and artistic potential. You probably come across a “wash me” note or a message like “if only my wife was this dirty”... [+]

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