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Dogs Doing Yoga

Dogs Doing Yoga

The entire Hollywood was obsessed with it, now suddenly everybody is doing it; admit that Yoga is everywhere, but who said it’s only for humans? Photographer Daniel Borris got the idea to make the book “Yoga Dogs” when his friend’s Bull Terrier started imitating her... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #4

It’s Sunday and it’s time for new round of super awesome weekly picture dumps. Cute animals, Darth Vader, awesome illustrations are waiting for you. Once again 20 best pics we collected around the web and we got from you will give you a smile on... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #3

Once again it’s time for a new super awesome, funny and cool picture dump at Awesomenator dot com. We hand pick 20 best pics from previews week. First and second super weekly picture dump got great response, so we are continuing our Sunday tradition. Keep... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #2

Hello readers, Sunday is here again and that means that we have a fresh new picture dump for you. As we promised we will continue only with super awesome stuff. Don’t forget to send us your favorite pictures you stumbled over. So here are the... [+]

Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

Retro and Gothic  and Steampunk are the right words to describe his art style. It is a clash between the peaceful nature and the raw material. French artist Pierre Matter is showing the world how beautiful copper can be by creating extraordinary sculptures out of... [+]

The Animal Spirit Inside Human Body

They say that humans are animals, and despite that this can be hard to express, the French artists Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez had no problem in doing so. Not only have they mixed up portraits of humans and animals, they have shown how those... [+]

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