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Top 5 Things Not To Do While...

Top 5 Things Not To Do While Traveling to African Safari

Beyond the myriad exciting animal sightings, the miracles of nature unfold, the new experiences and the inspiring people you will meet along the way, you’ll rediscover African safari. There is nothing quite like an African safaris adventure. One thing is for sure, a trip into... [+]

Illustrations of Animals Made From Letters

A is for aardvark, b is for badger…Learning the alphabet can be fun, especially through illustrations as clever as these. The site Word Animals offers a series of animal pictures made exclusively from the letters contained in their name. Some of these were really tricky... [+]

Expressive Portraits of Men’s Best Friends

If you ever doubted about dogs having unique personalities, here’s a collection of photos by Gerrard Charles Gethingsthat will prove you wrong. A dog lover and an aspiring London based photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings has taken on a rather complicated project. While most portrait makers... [+]

Imaginative Pencil Vs Camera Artwork

Sometimes it just takes a piece of paper and a pencil to alter the reality any way you want and make fantastic art out of it. The Belgian artist discovered that mixing… The Ivory Coast born artist Ben Heine introduced this original concept back in... [+]

Magic Of Movement Strobe Photography

Magic Of Movement Strobe Photography

You have probably seen animals move in slow motion on film, but how about seeing it on photos? It’s called strobe photography. Animal loving photographer Kim Taylor uses a special technique to capture multiple images of a moving subject on a single photographic frame. This... [+]

Owl Is Giving You a Mad Look

Owl Is Giving You a Mad Look

Johanna is a tumblr blogger who made a set of interesting photo shots of a owl she found on the side of a road. When she was on her way to work she found a great horned owl on the side of a concrete wall... [+]

Awesome Sculptures Made Out of Old Tires

Perfect anatomical details, rawness, wildness and power are the ways to describe these animal sculptures. So well-made you would think they’re alive. We have seen raw sculptures like these steampunk ones or these steel ones, but this is something new, and even more powerful. They... [+]

Bali Has Never Been This Beautiful

It’s maybe small in size but its beauty is certainly endless. White beaches, fun surfing, stunning temples and colorful trees. Welcome to Bali. Ukraine-based photographer Denis Allbertovich has traveled to this little paradise and captured some incredible photographs. The turquoise sea, magnificent gardens, the extraordinary... [+]

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